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Webtex 437


*防 水 性:具有超强的防水性能,遇水不分层,变形,断裂等;
*防 霉 性:具有超强的防霉抑菌的性能,不会因为不同地区的温湿度之差产生霉菌;
*环 保 性:本产品各生产配方严格以自然环保的理念,全部产品通过日本权威机构鉴定完全符合环保要求。
    *厚度规格:0.4mm—1.1mm;     *纸板尺寸:1524mmX1120mm;         *颜    色:茶色;
*、密    度:                *、收 缩 率:                   *、伸 长 率:
★.    途:
*鞋      业:各鞋内的中底,适用于皮鞋,运动鞋。休闲鞋,凉鞋,安全鞋等。
*文  具  业:文件夹,记事本的封面。
*服  装  业:可以做牛仔裤标牌(耐水洗)。
*建  筑  业:内装材料的贴合底料。

★.Unique Characteristics:
*Surface touch: with the touch of imitation leather on the surface, fine and smooth;
*Bending resistance: with superior bending property, no delamination and fracture after over several hundred times of bending;
*Tear resistance: with superior tear resistance property, can maintain the service life of products;
*Waterproof: with great water-proof property, no stratification, deformation and fracture when encountering water;
*Mildew resistance: with superior antifungal and antibacterial properties, not producing mould because of temperature and humidity difference in different areas;
*Abrasion resistance: excellent abrasion resistance property on the surface, with dry and wet abrasion resistance strength of above 3 grade;
*Environmental protection: all production formula of this product is strictly in compliance with the concept of natural environmental protection; all products have passed the evaluation of Japanese authority, fully complying with environmental requirements.
*Shoes industry: midsoles in shoes, applied to leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, sandals, safety shoes and so on.
*Cases, bags and handbags industry: linings of briefcase, suitcase, cosmetic bags, wallets, etc.
*Stationery industry: covers of folder or notebook.
*Clothing industry: used as the label of jeans(washable).
*Construction industry: substrate materials of interior materials.
★ .See the attached materials for physical property testing report, hazardous substances testing report, and MSDS quality safety report, etc

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